Privacy policy

Last updated in Mars 2021

This Privacy Policy, describes what information we collect and how we use it. This Policy-document may change in any time, when releasing new updates or new apps.

Collected information

The only data Perkodar collects in the apps is data that describes how the user is playing the games and using the apps - This data is used for coming updates to make the user experience even better.

Example of stored data:

  • What levels are completed?
  • How fast are the levels completed?
  • Does most of the users get stuck in the same place?

Apps with login

Sign in information is collected. We collect the following information if provided

  • Your email adress
  • First- and last name
  • Password - This is never stored in clear text

Contact form information

When you use our contact-form on this site: we collect the following:
  • Your email adress
  • First- and last name


A cookie is a small information file send from the website and stored on your device. Cookies helps the website understand the user and may track the users behavior on the site. Cookies have no meaning outside of the assigning website.

Cookies are a common practice on almost all professional websites.

We use cookies to collect information about your device, such as IP-adress, system and/or what browser you are using. All this to improve your experience

Ad Cookies

We are using ad-cookies to register what pages you have been looking at and what linkes you have been pressing. They collect information about your browsing and remembers what pages you have been looking at. We and third parties could use this information to watch your activity on our website to adapt the ads to make them suit you more.

Example of stored data on the device:

  • What levels are completed? - Start at the correct level
  • Did the user read the policy document - if yes, dont show it again

Third parties


We are showing ads in some of our apps. For that we are collaborating with Google Admob. Please read Googles privacy policy here:

The ads are personalized from Admob in our apps. If you don't accept this. Do not use our apps

If you have any questions, contact us in the contact form on this site.

We use the collected data to provide and improve our services. By using our services, you agree to the collection.

Perkodar AB